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“EIDE BARGE 42” has a total of 117 rooms. 112 with private bathroom and 5 with shared shower / wc. In addition there’s a reception room for Barge Master, galley with fixed equipment and dining halls with 100 seats, shared laundry room and wardrobe, as well as four common daily room with tv. “EIDE BARGE 42” is a modern and flexible accommodation alternatives!

Barge built:    2007
Living area: 1992 and upgraded in Norway 2015
Call sign: LG2308
Flag: Norge – Bergen
Class: DNV – 1A1 Heavy deck barge

Overall Length: 100,58 m
Width: 27,43 m
Height of the barge: 6,1 m
Draught: ca. 3-3.5 m

Diesel tank: 20 + 30 cbm3
Collecting tanks for clock / water: 12 + 12 + 23,8 cbm3
Delivery cloak: We normally connect the hoses from flotel pumps to approved facilities on land.
Water tank: 18 + 27.5 cbm3 with pressure pump. We normally connect the hoses to approved drinking water source on shore directly to the floatel without water tank.

Reception: There is a reception with fire alarm panel at the main entrance.
Office: 2
Meeting room: 4 (size 30,28 + 45, 14 + 46,62 and 72,60 m2)
Rooms in total: 117
Beds in total: 220

14 rooms with single bed and private bathroom, size approx 15.8 m2
96 rooms with bunk beds and a private bathroom, size approx 15.8 m2
2 rooms with bunk beds and a private bathroom, size approx 25.8 m2
5 rooms with bunk beds and shared shower / wc, size approx 11.6 to 13 m2

Pricate bathroom = shower / sink / toilet

Galley: Stainless steel panel and fixed equipment and grease trap installed.
Dining rooms: 2 dining rooms with a total of 100 seats
Laundry: 2 laundry rooms for residents with 3 washers and 3 dryers in each room
TV room: 4 living areas, 2 x 45 m2 and 2 x 60 m2. Equipped with flat screen TV.
Gym: Possible to install
Fire: There’s a fire alarm system with smoke detectors installed on board in every room, living room, hallways and utility rooms. In addition, there is installed manual fire alarm trigger buttons in all corridors and common areas. Fire hydrants, fire hoses and fire extinguishers are installed and approved.
Fire Pump: The flotel is equipped with fire pump, and in addition, a connection to fresh water from land to feed fire hoses and equipment on board. There is a “deluge” sprinkler system installed between the two residential blocks.

Shore: Normally supplies the barge with power from shore.
– Shore supply 400V (380V)
50Hz TN-S 5 system 125A, Ca. 75 kW
– Shore connection 400V (380V)
50 Hz TN-S 5 system 315 A, Ca. 160 kW

Generators: Emergency power generators:
– Cummins Generator, 380V, 48 kW, 50 Hz
– MAN Generator, 380V, 200 kVA, 160 kW, 50 Hz

Heating: All habitable rooms are heated by oil fired central heating. All bathrooms are equipped with exhaust fan. Common room downstairs is equipped with its own ventilation system.
Gangways: 1 x 12 meters aluminum main gangway.
1 x 12 meters steel gangway for escape route
1 x 8 meter aluminum gangway

Specifications above are given without guarantee and could be changed without notice.
Technical questions can also be directed to the Barge Master onboard mobile +47 909 82 860.

Owner has chosen to have its own Barge Master on board with a 1: 1 system.

Please contact us for more detailed information!