Bella Ludwiga

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“Bella Ludwiga” has a total of 82 rooms. All with private bathrooms. In addition, there’s a reception room for caretaker at the main entrance, common laundry room and wardrobe, as well as two large communal daily room with tv approximately 63 m2 in the barge. “Bella Ludwiga” is a modern and flexible accommodation alternative!

Barge built 1963 in Holland.
Living area built 1992 in Germany.
Remodeled and upgraded in Norway in 1998, 2000, 2005 and 2015.

Overall Length: 76.5 m
Width: 11.4 m
Height of the barge: 3.3 m
Draught: 1.3 m

Diesel tank: 20 cbm.
Water tank: 18 cbm.
Collecting tanks for cloak / water: 24 cbm. (2 x 12 cbm.)

Reception and office at the main entrance amidships.
Number of rooms: 82 (each room 4.4 x 3.6 m = 15.84 m2)
All rooms have private bathrooms. Equipped with pillow, sofa / armchair, desk w / chair, wardrobe and blindfold.
Number of showers: 84
Number of WC: 85
Shared laundry room with 3 washing machines and 3 dryers.
2 lounges / tv lounges at approximately 63 m2.

It is mounted a fire alarm system – type Consilium F400.
All rooms, common-, corridor and technical rooms are equipped with smoke detectors. Laundry room equipped with optical detectors.
It is mounted manual fire alarms in all corridors and common areas.

The flotel has its own fire pump which supplies the fire hose system on board. There is also mounted a “deluge” sprinkler systems exterior starboard under the gutter, making it possible to form a “firewall” of water towards neighboring vessel etc.

The flotel is equipped with a Cummins emergency generator at 48 kW.
This is mainly used when transferring the flotel, as well as any outage of land.
Shore supply is 400V (380v) 50 Hz TN-S 5 system 125A ca. 75 kW

Each holding tank is equipped with a powerful electric pump with blades, which pumps the collected cloak / water in approved local facilities. Dimensional hose is 4 “.

The flotel is connected directly to a fresh water tank with a flexible hose. Dimension is 2 1/2 “.

All habitable rooms are heated by oil fired central heating. All bathrooms are equipped with exhaust fan.
Common downstairs is equipped with its own ventilation system.

There are four electrical wire winches with 22 mm wire. 2 forward and 2 aft. In addition, there’s defies with diameter 45 mm, as well as diesel-powered windlass with 1.5 ton anchor.

The flotel is equipped with an aluminum gangway – B = 0.7 x L = 5.1 m

The above specifications are given without guarantee and may be changed without any notice.
For technicla questions please contact Barge Master on board – mobile +47 909 82 860.

The flotel has been leased for accommodation on project in Norway since 1998 and has a very good reputation. Owner has chosen to have its own Barge Master on board with a 1: 1 system.

Please contact us for more detailed information!