About us

2016.02.14 Slep EB 42 til Fosen Yard 036


Eide Floatel AS is located in Haugesund, Norway and we have our base area in Høylandsbygd, located on the west coast of Norway. The company is 100% owned by the local family-owned holding company Barge Invest AS.

We’ve worked with rental flotels in Norway since 1998, when we went to acquire two floatels from Germany. We have during this time delivered flotels at smelters, oil refineries, offshore and shipyards along the coast from Horten in south-east to Hammerfest in the north. The flotels is well maintained and is constantly beeing upgraded. They meet today’s requirements for accommodation standards for construction in Norway.

We provide private Barge Master on board. The Barge Master is responsible for the technical operation. This provides an additional security for those who rent from us.

Floatel is a flexible accommodation solution, where one can mobilize quickly in place and be operational shortly after arrival.

Flotell er en fleksibel innkvarteringsløsning, der en kan mobilisere raskt på plass og være operativ kort tid etter ankomst.


Eide Floatel AS has a continuous focus on safety preventive HSE & QA work, and aims to provide accommodation solutions of high quality.

Every morning shall each employee see themselves in the mirror and tell the one they see;
“You are responsible for ensuring that you do not hurt yourself today, and by taking good care of yourself, you will also take good care of your employees and partners.”

The goal of 0 injuries and 0 days of absence are stuck and are founded on this simple internal doctrine.